Hello, readers!

The reason that I didn’t post last week was because (as you probably guessed from the title) I was in Israel! So, this is going to be a post about Israel disguised as a post about gardening. :) In this post, I’ll just post some pictures which have to do with gardening, but if you want to see more about Israel, I can do something different next week.

I’ll share a few pictures from a city called Tzfat, since there was a lot of gardening there. It’s one of the four holy cities in Israel (which are Jerusalem, Hebron, Tzfat, and Tiberias).

FYI, Israel is much warmer than most of the US. They’re already having what we would call June weather. Lucky Israelis!

flowery corner


This is a picture of a corner full of potted plants in a courtyard. I thought it looked nice and cozy. This would also be a good place to put plants in winter (at least in warm-ish places) because the sunlight would reflect off the walls and make the entire courtyard warmer.

plants in tzfat          cold frame


This is some sort of plant (which looks like some sort of herb- if any readers know what it is, I’d love to know :)) growing in a cold frame. A cold frame is a wooden frame covered in glass, which usually has an opening top. It’s a lot like a mini greenhouse. When it’s cold outside, the sun comes in and warms it up. And when it’s warmer, you can open the top so that the plants don’t fry!

etrog small           etrog big

Do you recognize this fruit?

It’s an etrog! The etrog is shaken along with the lulav on Sukkot. It’s a citrus fruit sort of like a lemon, except much, much bigger, and with a different taste. It grows on trees in warm places (like Israel!). The etrogim on this tree will probably be used by families who live around it.

Okay, enough rambling. Have a nice week and I’ll post again next week!