A downpour of autumn leaves envelopes my neighborhood, filling the sidewalk with the familiar confetti of red, orange, yellow and green leaves. The trees are now barren – their facade has been removed, and they are now revealing their true essence to all those who walk around the Southgate streets. It’s peaceful; it’s a time to reflect. Summer is gone; winter is fast approaching. How will we make the memories of our vacation have an everlasting effect?

However, on the trees themselves, a different scene is going on…


“Mama, Mama, please! I don’t want to be separated from you yet. I don’t feel capable and mature enough to have to wander along my own path, and be carried miles and miles away from your loving arms…”
“Hush, not so loud, my princess. Let the breeze wipe away your tears. We are not to be separated yet – and, my dear, you must know that we are not to be separated yet – and, my dear, you must know that whatever Hashem does is for the good. Even though you’re being torn away from me and it may seem difficult and painful in our eyes, He knows what He is doing. Sweetie, you might save a caterpillar one day – innocent just like yourself – by providing it with shade from the beating sun!

“And do you know something? I will always be thinking of you, praying for you, and asking Hashem to keep me updated with your actions and whereabouts. In no time, you will see that although you have left your mother’s warm embrace and earned a bit more of your own identity, Hashem is always watching you.”

At that moment, a strong gust of wind forced the mother tree to give a sudden jerk, and the little leaf was left flying through the air.

Embracing herself for a new life, and straightening a few of her creases, she bounced confidently. She had an important mission to fulfill, and Hashem and Mama were with her.