We are excited to announce the members of our 2014 Editorial Board. Thank you to all the girls who applied! Stay tuned for writing and more from this talented group. (Click on the photo to zoom in.)


The 2014 Editorial Board

Under the leadership of Tonni Schmukler, age 14, from Montreal

Sarale Ash, age 10, from NY

Rosalie Barkley, age 14, from MA

Jazzi Ben-Joseph, age 10, from MA

Naomi Epshteyn, age 11, from MA

Bayla Fishman, age 11, from TX

Marisa Goffman, age 11, from MN

Drew Greenfield, age 9, from NY

Menucha Grossman, age 12, from IL

Chaya Kapilevich, age 14, from RI

Naomi Kutin, age 12, from NJ

Dvorah Leah Kvasnik, age 9, from MN

Miriam Maryasha Liberow, age 12, from FL

Tally Masaniai, age 15, from WA

Talya Miller, age 13, from MD

Chaya Schmukler, age 11, from Montreal

Emmy Simon, age 11, from AZ

Leah Stein, age 11, from PA

Saryn Taylor, age 12, from FL

Yvette Teitelbaum, age 13, from NJ

Avital Zuckerman, age 12, from Ontario