I’m excited to announce this year’s Editorial Board! We received close to 90 applications this year, which made it very challenging task to narrow it down to our final board of around twenty girls. Each application was impressive and inspiring, and it’s humbling to know how many girls are eager to be a part of YALDAH. Thank you to everyone who applied!

The 2013 Editorial Board!

Under the leadership of Tamar Lilienthal 

Tammy Aryeh, age 11, NY
Fortunee Cohen, age 15, FL
Téa Freedman-Suskind, age 12, WA
Shterni Kesselman, age 14, London
Leah Nerenberg, age 13, NY
Tonni Schmukler, age 13, Montreal
Emma Seely-Katz, age 14, CA
Chedva Silver, age 14, PA
Emily Wilder, age 14 , AZ

Netanya Abramson, age 14, TX
Tehilla Finkelstein, age 15, NJ
Sarah Graff, age 15, MD
Shifra Weinstein, age 10, NY

Ellie Babani, age 9, WA
Mushky Berghoff, age 9, NY
Masha Pewzner, age 13, PA
Tzivi Wenger, age 13, Montreal

Dassi Saltzman, age 9, WI

Johanna Robinson, 12, MD

 Fun Page:
Chava Leah Fleisher, age 8, CO
Mushkie Lewis, age 12, NY

Laya Fishman, age 12, TX
Rivki Hook, age 12, NJ

Read more about the new Editorial Board in the Nissan/March-April 2013 issue!