An Act of Kindness

One day there was an old man that dropped his wallet on the ground and he was struggling to get it.  A man walks by him and the old man, who’s name was Yitzhak, asked him to help him. The man just kept walking, after he stood for a minute and looked at him disgusted. Later, another man walks by and when he is asked to help, the man picks the wallet up, takes two twenty dollar bills, drops the wallet, and runs away. Then, a woman comes up to Yitzhak and before giving him a chance to ask for help, asks him if he would like some help. She picks up the wallet and gives it back to him and starts to walk away. Her name was Sarah. Yitzhak was a great Rabbi so he introduces himself and Sarah almost fell to the ground.  Then, Sarah introduces herself too. Yitzhak was so happy, gave him the wallet, and invited her over to his house to have dinner. They walked to his apartment and had a great discussion about Torah. They got to his house and had dinner. Rafael, Yitzhak’s son, comes home and instantly they seem to have sparks, and in the next two years the had got married. One year later, they had their first child. And then three years later they had twins. All of this happened just because of one act of kindness. So look and see what might happen to you if you do an act of kindness.