You may be wondering how to mark on fabric. How do you know which is the top and which is the bottom? You don’t want to use a permanent marker because that could ruin your project. I use eraseable pens.

There is a kind of erasable pen to use on fabric. It is not just that you can write with them and erase on paper. They also work on fabric . If you want to know the  brand,  well it is Pilot. What I like about these is they are easy to finds and come in lots of colors. To get it off you can either  use an Iron because they disappear with heat or you can wash it out in the washing machine.

If you want  you can also  use a disappearing ink pen that you can find at a fabric store. The only problem is they really disappear in 72 hours, so don’t use them if you aren’t sure if you can finish your project in 72 hours. (They are usually purple, so they are hard to see on dark fabric.) Many fabric stores also sell washable fabric pens which wash out, but don’t fade quite as fast.


Finally you can use a (dressmaker’s marking pencil) chalk pencil which also works. It works better on darker fabrics, but not as well on lighter fabrics.


If you used an iron to get the ink to disappear, then the pilot pens ink comes back if you put the project in the freezer. (If you made a mistake getting the ink off.)