Adon Olam, one of the tefillos we recite in daily davening, is attributed to R’ Shlomo ibn Gabirol, a Spanish scholar, poet, and philosopher who lived during the 11th century.  The lyrical rhyming translation below, however, was composed by a certain Mr. David Stein.  My mother had saved this unique poem since she was a child in Hebrew School, and recently rediscovered it among her old things.  Read on, and see what you notice about the fascinating format of the verses, as well.  Enjoy!


ruled as
Master of the World
before it was in orbit
hurled. When He so willed to
form all things, His name became the King of Kings. And when all
else will cease to be He still will keep His monarchy. He always was,
He does exist, His glory shall ever persist. And He is One,
He has no aide, comparisons cannot be made. Without
beginning nor an end His might and rule to all extend.
He is my G-d, he is alive, He sees to it that I
survive. My source of strength in time of stress,
I look to Him to give and bless. He is my Guide
from Whom I learn, a shielding Fort to Whom I turn.
He fills my cup, provides my all, responds to me the
day I call. In His protecting hand I place my soul for Him
to guard, embrace. When I relax and go to sleep I know ’tis
safe with Him to keep. He will return what He will take, my
soul is mine when I awake. And like my soul, my body, too, He will
refresh to be like new.
He is my G-d, so
very near, I do
not have a
thing to