Makeup 2Hey all! Let’s celebrate the artistry and creativity behind makeup production. It’s not about altering ourselves or concealing so-called “imperfections.” Instead, it’s about enhancing our unique features and expressing ourselves confidently. Embracing our individuality is what truly makes us beautiful. After all, diversity is what adds richness and excitement to life.

So I was thinking about this and I decided to tell you how to make your make up work for you. (That is, if your mother allows you to and you’re old enough. Honestly, make up is not necessary for you to look beautiful; it’s more about the fun. So if you don’t play around with make up, don’t worry.) Here we go!

Concealer. This was created with teens in mind. It covers up pimples. (This is not a contradiction. When you hide a pimple, you’re not hiding yourself. After all, you haven’t had it for long and it will go away…) You should aim to buy a concealer which is yellow based and closest to your skin tone.

Shadow and Liner. I know some girls who look at shadow like a must and never wear liner, and others who put on liner first but don’t put on eye shadow. So it all really depends on you and your tastes and needs.

According to make up artist Bobbi Brown, you should go for light shadow colors. Avoid black.

Remember: Lighter colors are fresher and stand out. Darker colors recede.

As for liner, brown is great.

Curling Lashes and Mascara. If your lashes naturally curl up, then you could skip curling your lashes. (Unless you want to, for fun.) But lots of girls have great long lashes which are, well, straight. In this case, curling your lashes will open your eyes and works instant magic. For most teens, a nice brown lengthening mascara (thickening is more clumpy) is just the perfect finishing touch.

Remember: The prettiest make-up is always light and fresh.

I’d love to hear your make up tips, so comment!