Hi, everyone!

Don’t you loooove summer? The sun, heat, mosquitoes, camp…
As of right now, I’m really enjoying it (surprise, surprise). I’m in Orlando, FL (!) with my sister. We’re staying at some family friends’ house, working in their factory, having some fun…
and spreading the word about YALDAH, of course! When I came home from the Shabbaton, I brought home a little stack of Real Reader posters. So, granted, I’m going to a new place, I bring a couple of posters. So, on Erev Shabbos, I gave them to my host, briefly told him what I do for YALDAH, and asked him if he could hang one or two up at shul.
So, of course, he told the Rabbi all about it! The Rabbi, apparently, thought it was very cool. Anyway, this morning (Shabbos), we got to shul, and of course, there on the front door, was hanging a Real Reader poster! (It’s Rebecca, in case you’re wondering.)
Ok, so yeah we went and davened. Then, as Chabad does, there was a whole sit-down Kiddush (something I’m not used to…) and the Rabbi went around introducing all of the guests. So, then he asked my hosts to introduce me and my sister. They did, and then the Rabbi asked if I wanted to talk about YALDAH.
I happen to be a little… not shy, but I don’t like talking to a group of people, unprepared! So my hostess told everyone a little about it. Later, at the ladies’ Shalosh Seudos, I ended up telling a couple of people about it, and I think I even got a subscriber (!!)
Well, so that’s my excitement for the week.
I’m not listening to anything because a) it’s the 3 weeks, so I can’t listen to music, and b) this isn’t my computer so I’m not gonna look through it for shiurim to listen to! In general, though, I like listening to Rabbi Shafier of http://www.theshmuz.com/. To find out more about the 3 weeks, go to http://www.aish.com/h/9av/
Have a great week and remember to enjoy the summer!