Hello Gorgeous!

Today we’re going to talk about an annoying little pest named acne. Most of us teens have our little (or large) quarrels with them,  so here are a few tips for the playground:

Imagine this: You wake up and stagger into the bathroom for your morning routine. You look in the mirror and there’s a hideous pimple  staring back at you, sitting quite comfortably on your cheek. Now what?

Rule #1: Never squeeze pimples or whiteheads. A pimple is an inflammation and by picking, you’re just adding to the inflammation and  may cause an infection. Whiteheads aren’t pimples, just non-inflamed plugged pores. but if you squeeze it you may break the wall of the pore  and the skin’s contents could leak, causing a pimple. So, it’s not exactly recommended. But, the only exception is if the pimple has a yellow pus head in its center. Then gentle squeezing can pop it open nicely and quicken the recovery process.

Another really important thing is a good nightly routine.

Hydrate! Tons of teens dry out their skin with the hope that less hydration = less oil = no more pimples. Sorry, honey. It just doesn’t work like that! This is the time when your skin needs to be hydrated – your skin needs to heal! Therefore do not wash your face with bar soaps such as ivory, but invest in a good face wash. (Clean and Clear has got a whole bunch of amazing products — check it out at your local pharmacy). Hydrating creams are a great idea! Oh, and drink your water (see The Water Matter).

Go natural! Keep the makeup for another time, will you? With acne, it’s best to keep the makeup to the minimum. But if you really can’t give it up, wash it off well before going to bed. You should also make sure to clean your face before applying any over-the-counter medication.

Stop the spread! Apply acne medication to half an inch around the pimple. Acne spreads, so this will help keep it from spreading. It probably says on your medication “Apply to the affected area.” The majority of people think that the affected area is just the pimple. But in reality, it includes the skin around it as well.

If you’ve got really bad acne or need to get rid of a pimple a.s.a.p. , consult with your dermatologist.

Have a great Lag Baomer!


P.S. What are you doing for Lag Baomer? Whatever you do, make sure to put on sunscreen!