Here at Yaldah, we emphasize Jewish unity. Our readers (and staff members) love that Yaldah brings Jewish girls from around the world together like the family we are.

Programs like Jewish Girls Unite, and Jewish Girls Retreat, as well as the Jewish Girls Unity Forum join Yaldah readers together year round.

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend a school shabbaton in a hotel here in NJ. I attend a high school that is very diverse and being together with everyone for a Shabbos was an amazing experience. I’m in 11th grade, so this is my third year going to the school shabbaton, and I’m always awed by the achdus (unity) displayed. At the meals each grade has tables, but there is no individually assigned. I was lucky enough to sit with girls from all different groups of friends. We were all able to sit down together and hang out with girls with who we don’t usually spend time. In addition, the singing all Shabbas, the dancing on Motzai Shabbos and the tefillos (prayers) throughout Shabbos showed me that we’re all one family, looking for the same things in life, wanting to become closer to Hashem (G-d) and waiting to be united in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) in the days of Mashiach (Messiah).

Tomorrow and Thursday my grade is going on a trip to different Jewish communities in NY. We’ll be able to see different ways people in different communities serve Hashem. What’s important is that we all have that goal in mind, not the differences between us.

Don’t know how to end off this post, but just something to think about.

Love, Meira

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