By our amazing and unique Beyond Bat Mitzvah girls


Please enjoy the following delightful taste of our vibrant Wednesday night workshop for girls 9+.  The exercise of expressing our gratitude, an attribute rooted in our Divine soul, was given an extra dash of spice when the girls were challenged to share following the alphabet.  (We reached only up to “J.”)  This (moderately edited) sample of the chat is from the evening of April 18/Iyar 3.

What are YOU grateful for?


Nechama Laber: A

Tzipporah: Aibeshter! (G-d)
Chaya Ita: Achdus (Unity)
Temima Rocklin: Air I breathe

Nechama Laber: B

Bluma Chana Boloten: Brachos (Blessings)
Zissy Gelbman: Brain!
Temima Rocklin: Brachas (Blessings)
Laber Girls: Beds!
Chaya Donat: Brothers
Temima Rocklin: Board-games
Shoshana Ferber: Bubby (Grandmother)
Bluma Chana Boloten: Bluma!!

Nechama Laber: C

Zissy Gelbman: CANDY!!
Bluma Chana Boloten: Cookies!!!
Chaya Ita: Cakes
Laber Girls: Computers for JGU!
Temima Rocklin: Couches
Temima Rocklin: Cupcakes
Shoshana Ferber: Creativity
Chaya Ita: Camp JGR
Temima Rocklin: Concerts
Tzipporah: Close family

Nechama Laber: D

Laber Girls: Donuts!
Bluma Chana Boloten: Doughnuts
Chaya Ita: Davening (Praying)
Temima Rocklin: Drama class
Shoshana Ferber: (My) dog
Bluma Chana Boloten: Dogs
Temima Rocklin: Dancing
Zissy Gelbman: Delicious food

Nechama Laber: E

Zissy Gelbman: EVERYTHING!!
Temima Rocklin: Electricity
Bluma Chana Boloten: Elephants!!!
Rivka Feldman: Elephant
Laber Girls: The earth, elevators, education, electricity
Shoshana Ferber: Every Jew
Temima Rocklin: Energy
Temima Rocklin: Everybody

Nechama Laber: F

Tzipporah: Friends
Laber Girls: Food
Tzipporah: Family
Zissy Gelbman: Friends!!
Temima Rocklin: Fun
Chaya Ita: Fireworks

Nechama Laber: G

Bluma Chana Boloten: Gedalia (my brother)
Zissy Gelbman: Gummy bears!!
Rivka Feldman: Grapes
Chaya Ita: Games
Zissy Gelbman: Ground
Nechama 2: G-d
Bluma Chana Boloten: GIRLS!!

Nechama Laber: H

Chaya Donat: Hashem (G-d)
Temima Rocklin: Hashem (G-d)
Zissy Gelbman: House
Nechama 2: Heart
Shoshana Ferber: Hope
Temima Rocklin: Hats
Nechama 2: Hobbies
Tzipporah: Harvest
Zissy Gelbman: Hands
Shirah: Horses
Temima Rocklin: Hanukkah
Tzipporah: Happiness
Chaya Ita: Hashem (G-d)

Nechama Laber: I

Tzipporah: ISRAEL!
Zissy Gelbman: Ice cream
Chaya Ita: Ice
Temima Rocklin: Imagination
Shoshana Ferber: Intelligence
Tzipporah: Intelligence
Bluma Chana Boloten: Ice skating and ice hockey

Nechama Laber: J

Temima Rocklin: Jews
Chaya Ita: Joy
Tzipporah: Judaism!
Tzipporah: Joy!
Bluma Chana Boloten: Jewelry
Zissy Gelbman: Jerusalem
Zissy Gelbman: Jewish Girls Unite , Jewish Girls Retreat!!
Chaya Ita: JGU!!!!ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|