I thought I’d share a few pictures of my day today. I spent the morning running errands, working on designing a website and flyer, and edited some of the articles for the Sivan issue (which is schedule to come out in just two weeks! Yikes!) After lunch I went to my weekly yoga class, which is a great break from all my work at the computer. Then I worked on planning the program for the Jewish Girls Summer Retreat. By that time, little Chaya really needed some Mommy time. Luckily, it was a gorgeous summer-like day, so we headed outside.

We have a park around the corner from us, and it is Chaya’s favorite outing. Her favorite things are the swings and the slide, but today she was captivated by playing peek-a-boo, and spinning (very slowly) on the “roundabout”. She’s not walking yet, but she crawls all over. So here are a few photos of our fun at the park:

I feel very lucky that I have the flexibility to enjoy a nice day at the park with my daughter! :-)

I’m heading to New York for Shabbos, and then I’ll be attending the first Jewish Woman Entrepreneur Conference in New Jersey on Sunday. I look forward to writing about that next week!