Howdy! Happy birthday to me! I am 13! Yup! This past week was my birthday!

Today I’m taking you on a….. Trip to the Market!

“Foreword”: All this is in one market, but the pictures are from different markets.

Let’s go to the flower side of the market first.


Let’s go now to the Fruits & veggies side.      Love the color coordination here…




Now let’s go to the fish & poultry side. (If you don’t like “icky-looking” things, don’t look!) Get ready for something disgusting….. :-)



Okay, okay, I won’t disgust you with any more of this so now let’s go to a different market, even though there are waaaaaayyyy more things to see here (like rice, beans etc.)!

So now we’re going to another market, not really a market though, because it looks more like a shopping mall :-) but it’s called the Pearl Market. I’m not sure why though, because the pearls are only on the second floor…..

Anyway I’ll just take you right up to the second floor. (In China, pearls are very cheap, especially sea pearls.)

And… Here we go!


Okay, I think that’s all for now, even though there’s a lot more to see…..

Next topic: Chinese (tourist) landmarks & the history of Jews in China!