Hey everybody!

Let’s start with the towers.

Tower #1: The Pearl Tower, or the TV Tower. You can see why it’s called the Pearl Tower :-) It’s also called the TV Tower because it’s the TV & radio signal station.



Tower #2: The Jin Mao (Jean-maw) tower. One of the tallest towers in the world!



Tower #3: The Shanghai World Financial Center. We call it the Shopping Bag Tower, though. :-) Also one of the tallest towers in the world!



Here are pictures of Shanghai’s skyline.




Here’s also a picture of Hong Kong’s skyline.


Tower #4 is currently under construction, the tallest tower in Asia!

The Bund. The Bund is by the river that separates Pu-dong & Pu-xi (pu-shee), the two parts of Shanghai. On one side of the Bund is the new Shanghai, the Shanghai that you see nowadays, and the other side of the Bund is the old Shanghai, during when 22,0400 & more Jews came to Shanghai.



That’s all for now.  I’ll post more soon!