I was walking down the big hallway of the small mall. There were a lot of people in the many stores. “I’m sure that all of these people are Nazis,” I thought to myself. They were all looking at me, and they could probably tell that I was not one of them. But, I really needed to get flour for my mother’s birthday cake. This would probably be the last big celebration as a family. Who knew where we would be next year. My father is fighting for the Jews and he could be caught at any moment. My little sister goes to school for now, but who knows how much longer she will be able to attend. My mother is getting weaker every day. As I buy the flour and leave the store, I notice the guard looking at me straight in the eyes. He must be a Nazi police officer. I keep walking out of fear that if I stop he will think that something is suspicious. I feel scared but I know since I have bright blue eyes, people will assume I am not a Jew, but on the other hand, I have a yellow star which marks that I am Jewish, hiding behind my navy coat. I want to turn around and see if the creepy guard is following me home. But if I do, he might keep following me. “I cannot get caught,” I warned myself. Everyone will be worried about me. So I keep walking. I pass a window and see that his black coat is faintly still there. I walk out into a crowd of people on the street, hoping that he doesn’t come out of the mall. Hoping that he can’t see me, I fearfully turn around and thankfully don’t see him anymore. I want to run home, but force myself to walk for the next few blocks until I reach my safe, warm home.