Faithful readers of my posts will notice how much I talk about one theme- Moshiach. How I believe that no matter how bad the world may be, if we, Bnot Yisroel, work together, we can bring change.

Perfect ideal, no? But Miriam, don’t you get how hard that will be?

Yes, I do. I know it’s not easy. But I’m asking for your help.

How often do you leave your house on Shabbat? Once or twice? Once or twice a month? A year?

How many girls do you pass on the way? And how many times do you great them?

When you think about it, it’s so simple. What could be so hard about saying ‘Good Shabbos’? (Or Shabbat Shalom, or Gut Shabbos, or Have a nice Sabbath, or whatever works for you?)

So why not? It sounds so easy (ok, unless you’re shy like me. But I can hardly refuse after I’ve just asked all of you to do it as well.) But it has a powerful impact. It is the first step to bringing us together. Often, we’re more tolerant of those who are farther from us. Can we not have the same patience and respect for everyone as if they were our closest friend?apples waving

So please, let me challenge you. Over the next two months, try to greet every single Jewish girl you see. Even if you don’t think she will answer, even if you don’t think she will care. You never know what has an impact. Just two words.  Gut Shabbos, Good YomTov, Gut Yontif, Shabbat Shalom, or even just Hi! Nice to see you!

(ok. I know that’s five words.)