Isaac was a simple man.  He kept Shabbat, but never lit candles
Every week at sundown Isaac would turn off the lights, and sit down for a Shabbat meal.  Then one Friday night, when Isaac was going to come back to his Shabbat meal, he tripped, wondered what it was, then returned to his meal.  The next week, the same thing happened.  When he was going to come eat challah, he tripped.  He thought for a second.  I’ll just turn on the lights and see what made me trip.
He hesitated.  No.  It’s Shabbat.  I can’t turn on the lights.
Isaac was sometimes very forgetful.  For example, when he turned off the lights on the next Friday evening, he forgot that he had to look where he usually tripped, before he turned off the lights.  That night, he tripped again.  he wrote himself a mental note (Because, of course you can’t write on Shabbat) to find out what was happening.  On Sunday, Isaac was reading, when he heard the phone ring.  He went to answer the phone.  It was his friend Avi.  “Hi Avi,” Isaac said, “How are you?”
“I’m good, thank you,” the familiar voice filled the room, “I would like to invite you to a Shabbat meal this Friday.  Can you come?”
“Sure.  I’d love to.  What time?”
“at 6:30 so we have some time to hang out.  See you there!  Bye!”  Avi hung up.
It was Friday, at 6:15.  I better get going, though Isaac.  he bundled up.  Outside was snowing.  It was a long walk and the streets were covered with snow.  When Isaac finally got to Avi’s house, Aviva greeted him.  Aviva, was Avi’s wife.
5 minutes later, Aviva was lighting the Shabbat candles.  It was a beautiful, joyous meal.  At the end, after they finished benching, they sat and talked.  Isaac was explaining his problem to them, and Avi and Aviva didn’t have an answer.  It was getting late, so Isaac thanked his hosts and proceeded out the door.  The next Friday afternoon, as Isaac was preparing for for Shabbat, he thought.  Last week was so fun, why don’t I light Shabbat candles again?  So, Isaac lit candles and went to have Kiddush.  He drank wine then went to wash.  After he came back, he didn’t trip!  He finished the rest of his meal happily.  From then on, Isaac lights the candles every week.  And never trips again.  And if you walk by his house on Friday night, you will see him, lighting his candles, near the table.

—  Shayna Kaye, Age 9
The Philadelphia School
Pennsylvania, USA