Once upon a time,
In a cottage far away,
A little girl lay fast asleep,
As the world beckoned a brand new day.
She sat up, and stretched, and rubbed her eyes.
“Father is so wise!
Who else can make the rooster crow, cock-a-doodle-do,
Every single morning, a quarter after two?”
She jumped up and ran across the room.
“Oh,mama,” she cried,
“Wherever does the sun hide,
When it peeks from behind the moon,
Playing a game of peek a boo?”
Her mother smiled.
“Well,when it peeks from behind the moon,
We know Hashem will bring it back soon!”
The little girl nodded, deep in thought,
Then cried, “you haven’t answered at all!”
Her mother said gently,
“Hashem creates everything near and far.”
The girl grinned than skipped out the door.
As she looked across the sprawling fields,
And the flowers in bloom,
She exclaimed,
“Hashem made everything, even a rooster, saying cock-a-doodle-do!
He made the grass so green,
And the sky so blue!
From so little as a bee,
To someone big like you and me!
Hashem really is the master architect
I see!”

By Moussia M, age 12