The days are really flying by!

Yesterday morning, I made myself pancakes, but poured way too much baking powder in the batter by mistake. That came out looking really good, however, their taste didn’t match them at all. How could such innocent looking pancakes taste so revolting, I wondered.

Later that day, many of my classmates were complaining about the amount of homework that we have. One of our teachers decided to give us a speech about it, and she reminded us that we are in control of our attitude and we can decide if we want to be happy or overwhelmed.

Either way, life will happen. But we have control over the way we respond to situations; we can choose to be happy even if we don’t like what’s going on.

So when I tried the pancakes, I had control of my reaction. I was able to let it ruin my day, or find a way to uplift the situation. It happened either way. We can’t undo a fact. But we do get to decide how to let it affect us.

By writing about it in this article, I uplifted it. I am not upset about the pancakes, because they helped me understand a fundamental idea that can change the rest of my life for the better.

I want to try to apply this lesson to myself and I hope that you will be able to implement this idea as well.

I hope you all have a good Shabbos!