Hi everyone! You may have noticed that the YALDAH website was a little slow over the summer while many of our staff members were away in camp, but do not fear – we are back! As we transition from a magazine to a full-featured website, we have a completely new look. We’re still under construction, so make sure to comment and let us know what you think and if you encounter any problems. We’ll be working on updates and new features within the next few weeks. We’re also still putting our staff members and bloggers into place. We have lots of girls who are eager to help create an amazing website, and it will take some time to make sure that everyone is clear on their job descriptions and gets the hang of the new website. So stay tuned for more updates! Wondering where the magazine went? If you missed the announcement about our transition from magazine to website, click here to find out more. Wishing you and your families a happy, healthy new year – Ksiva V’Chasima Tova!