Age 16, Bais Yaakov of Boston

A Match of Inspiration
Erev Shabbos rush behind me
I dress and take my place
I stand beside my candle
Let the peacefulness embrace

Before I strike the match I think
I am just like it.
A girl without inspiration
Is like a match not lit.

I put the match to the box
And pull it, holding tight
The spark ignites, flame bursts forth
My fire burns tonight.

A lit match burns up quickly
Act on that inspiration
While it’s burning, you’re excited
But it’s only on probation.

What will happen in some time,
When the fire flickers out;
Make it last, or let it die,
Its up to you to decide.

I take my match, and use it
I put it to my candle
Fire passes, wick flames up,
My inspiration I can handle.

I use it to light others
And to keep myself lit too
This is the message of Shabbos candles:
Share the light with one more Jew.