Howdy, folks!

First and foremost I want to wish a huge Mazel Tov to Leah Caras and her husband on the birth of their little girl. She is so cute! (Leah, have fun with the pinks.) You should have a lot of nachas from her. Now on to beauty…

Spring’s in full bloom here (though it snowed on Shabbos). The buds are budding, and the sun is shining (well, sometimes). Pinks, purples and greens are spurting out of nowhere. I love this time of year; it reminds me of fresh and pretty beauty.

Beauty is one thing all girls enjoy. Although our moms constantly tell us we’re absolutely gorgeous without it, we all love experimenting with make-up. One time or the other, we raid our mothers’ make-up kits and experiment. It’s just a girly thing, you know. Not all moms allow it, so if your mother is like that, then don’t.  You are beautiful without a stitch.

But if your mom gives you the go-ahead, by all means do. Weddings are also a great excuse to play around. But while you go have fun, keep these points in mind.

Whether for a wedding or you’re just in the mood of playing, less is always more. You’re going to groan, but it’s true. Last thing you want to look like is a clown. The key word with make-up is NATURAL. Make-up is meant to make you pretty, not cover you in a globby mask of different shades. And, please, no cakey make-up! Ugh!

If you’re going to buy make-up, you should know you don’t need to spend the big bucks. Nope! Tons of pharmacies, dollar and dime stores sell make-up and here’s the secret: they’re (Okay. Okay, almost!) as good as the ones  in the fancy department stores. People often think that the more expensive wig, piece of clothing or lipstick is better quality. Most of the time, the difference is only in the price tag. In fact, many make-up artists go to corner shops to get inspired. And they’re the pro’s!

Make-up isn’t a new invention. It goes way back. In Egypt, the women’s mirrors were their prized possessions. When they donated them for the Mishkan, they were very dear to Hashem since He saw their sacrifice and He therefore used them to make the Kiyor (the special washing basin for the Kohen). Our grandmas used beets as lipstick. In a certain way, make-up is like a chain. By wearing it, you’re doing what women have been doing for generations. Our ancestors wore make-up in a nice and tzniusdik manner, so when you wear it, why not continue the chain? Why not wear it in a pretty and modest manner? You’re wearing it anyways.

But most of all, remember that outer beauty isn’t what counts, inner beauty is. It shines through and that’s the most beautiful thing of all.

Talk you soon, gorgeous girls!


PS This is a flower from the cherry tree we used to make Birchas HaIlanos (the blessing on the trees) on. Isn’t it beautiful?