There is a precious tool, given to each Jew
It is a thing called davening
It can lift you when you’re low
It can help you sustain a blow
Even in Navi we learn about tefillah
It happened with a woman named Chana
To be barren seemed her fate
But never did go by a day
That she didn’t daven to Hashem
For she knew He would listen
Her tefillos soon had their effect
Hashem heard her tefillos, and you can guess the rest
She gave birth to Shmuel, soon to be HaNavi
And this is a true effect of davening
So take a bit of time every single day
And use that bit of time to pray
It’s really easy, it’s really free
And if Hashem doesn’t hear you, then money back guaranteed

—Chaya Gurevitz, Age 12
Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh
West Virginia, USA