Hey everyone!

It’s that time of the year again… You know, leaves, breeze and freeze… OK, not exactly, but it is autumn, and it is cold. At least here. (Though for some weird reason, I love the crisp fresh air and the bundling up… The long Friday nights, too.)  So, the seasons are changing and that cold is going around…  What do you do when it’s caught on to you?

Make grandma happy… and drink that chicken soup. The teas too. Lemon and honey, chamomile, you know, the works! Basically warm drinks are your go-to now.

Steam up. Put on the humidifiers and go under that showerhead! It will relax you and soothe you from all those tissues.

Stock those shelves... with facial tissues. Be it Puffs, Scotties or plain old Kleenex. Try to stay away from rough tissues, your nose will be happier you did.

Rest away! You’re tired? Don’t be smart. Sleep! Even if it means you being in bed all day. Right now, your immune system is fighting whatever you have. So just listen! It knows what to do.

Go for zest. You know that orange-ish fruit with an tough peel? Eat up! All that Vitamin C can’t hurt and it definitely helps prevent and get rid of that nasty cold. O-J is the drink de jour!

Amp up that health factor! We’re going green! It’s fruits and veggies for you, sonny. Cut back on extra sugar and fats. Right now, you’ve got to give your immune system all you got! So help out, will you?

It’s not cool to be cool. Dress warmly, according to the weather. And when it’s 3°C outside, do not tell me you’re positively BOILING (or schmoiling) sans jacket. Uh-uh.

Okay, that’s about it for now.

Till next week!