Before reading this article remember that we all have different standards of tznius (modesty) and everyone has different opinions on what looks good on them. If you have a question ask your parents or your family’s Rav (Rabbi).

Collarbone, knees, elbows, tightness, back bone, and socks or stockings — it’s so much!!!!

Come on, who cares about seeing my legs?

Well, really the reason is that we girls are so holy.

Our legs, arms, collarbone and everything else is so holy that we must be sure to keep it covered.

Everyone has different difficulties in tznius.  Some people don’t have any struggles in tznius yet the challenge is when you go to the store and…

Mrs. A: Yetzer Harah

Mrs. B: Yetzer Tov

Mrs. A:

Oh my gosh!  That skirt is so cute and it’s only ten dollars!  This is an amazing sale!!! I’m for sure getting this.   It is a little bit above my knees but it’s really cute! It’s on a major sale and I’ll be sure to wear long socks or tights when I wear this skirt.

That’s when the challenge comes…

Should you buy it and go against what would make your parents and Hashem proud?

Or should you leave it in the store –  hey you’re saving ten dollars!

Mrs. A:

I saved up my money for this sale it’s the only cute thing I could buy here and if I don’t buy it I won’t have any new cute Shabbos skirts, I’m buying it.

(You buy it.)

Mrs. B:

Was it really that hard to give up a skirt?

Mrs. A:

It’s fine. I will wear tights and nobody will notice.

Mrs. B:

No, it is not okay, you must return that skirt. Who cares if it’s cute? You will have that feeling of ‘I did the right thing’ if you return it.

Everyone is in the same boat as you, everyone has a hard time with this at some point in their life.


Tznius isn’t only about the way we dress, not only about the way we behave, but also how we act, walk, and even speak.

If you speak and act in a nice, kind, patient, sweet way, that is the way that you will feel inside.

Everyone wants to be looked at by an adult and thought of as ‘I want my daughter to be just like her’. You are a Dugma Chaya (a living role model) to all people around us. Who knows? You might be walking down the street so proudly wearing a skirt, NOT pants. There may be another girl who is having a hard time deciding whether to wear pants or a skirt and she sees you and then knows what is right what is right. Whether we know it or not YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!