Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed A Change in Freezeville so far! Get ready for part 2…

A Change in Freezeville, Part 2

 “I know what happened,” Tom said quietly. “The plug was pulled out of the outlet. Now Freezeville, or how the humans call it, the Fridge, is turned off. Unless we put it back in, we will… let’s not think about it.”

Yikes!” Orange screeched, quickly putting on his sheriff’s hat. “We’ve got to save ourselves somehow! What should we do?”

Dave’s Grocery always had these types of malfunctions,” Tom said. “Dave was too old to notice. We would roll out and plug it back in. We can do it, but it needs a lot of team work.”

Yup,” Cucumber nodded sagely. “It takes courage and team work. We need everyone, and I mean everyone, to help.”

So, will everyone help?” Orange shouted.

OF COURSE WE WILL!!” Tom, Cucumber, Pepper, Cheese, Apple, Lemon, Eggs, Milk, Olives, Pickle, Lime, Onion, Scallion, Green Bean, Zucchini, Carrot, Chicken, Steak, and the others shouted back.

Only if my leaves don’t get damaged,” Lettuce conditioned, caressing her leaves gently. “And if it’s not hard work. Then I’ll do it.”

But Lettuce, we need everyone’s help because it’s hard!”Olives picked up her hands in frustration. “it’s too hard for one person to do alone, which is why we need all of Freezeville to help out.”

Lettuce shrugged. “I’m sure one person won’t make a difference. Anyhow, I have more important things to do.” She said, turning her back on the other foods.

Scallion shook his head sadly. “Always the same way.”

No time to think about that!” Orange exclaimed. “We have a plug to put back in place! Tom, you know what to do. Now what?”

Tom stepped up to face the crowd. “Well, the first thing we need to do is to push the door open. Everyone will need to push against the door really hard. Then, a few of us will roll out and push the plug back into place. Pretty simple, but it’s a lot of work.”

Everyone scurried to the door and leaned against it.

One, two, three, PUSH!!” Orange yelled.

All of Freezeville pushed on the door with all their might. Lettuce sat on the side, relaxing and watched with amusement.

Just a little more!” Cucumber encouraged. “We almost got it!”

With one final push, the townsfood heaved the door open.

HOORAY!! We did it!” they yelled.

Alright, that was step one,” Tom said. “Now whoever is willing to help me with the plug, line up.”

No one came. Everyone was hoping they wouldn’t have to go.

Please?” Tom pleaded. “I won’t be able to do it on my own. You all know how hard it can be, don’t you?”

I’ll do it, I’ll do it!” Cucumber mumbled, stepping into line.

All the other foods from Dave’s Grocery reluctantly stood behind him.

As everyone watched, Tom took a deep breath and rolled out of Freezeville.

I remember doing this,” Pepper murmured.

All clear!” Tom shouted from below. “Come on down.”

Cucumber, Pepper, Lemon, Carrot, Zucchini and Apple rolled down after him.

We never had things like this at Veggies 4 You,” Green Bean said, as he watched his friends in awe.

What did I say!” Lettuce laughed. “I knew you didn’t need me! What fools you are,” she shouted down below, “Tom could’ve done it all on his own.”

Well, down below, the foods were working non-stop. They had so far picked up the heavy black wire, and were now dragging it to the outlet.

We- need- more help!” Lemon managed to get out. Beads of juice were pouring down his face.

Tom nodded. “HELP!” he shouted with what was left of his strength. “COME DOWN!”

The rest of the townsfood looked at each other before making their way to the kitchen floor.

It’s pretty cool down here!” Scallion commented, glancing all around. “I never got a good look at it.”

With the added help, the foods were able to bring the wire right near the outlet.

We need one more food!” Cucumber groaned. “Only Lettuce is left. She’s not going to want to help us.”

Were you talking about me?” Lettuce asked innocently, her head appearing at the edge of the door.

We need one more food to help us.” Tom explained. “You are the only one left in Freezeville.”

Me?” Lettuce cried incredulously. “You want me, product of Mark’s Market to help you? My leaves will get ruined!”

I knew it!” Cucumber mumbled “I knew she would do that.”

Please, Lettuce!” Carrot pleaded. “Your leaves will be better off if you help us! Otherwise we’ll all rot to death!”

Nope!” Lettuce remained firm. “Why should I come down? I told you my reasons, and they are completely valid.” She picked her hands up in frustration. “I- YIKES!!!!!”

 To be continued……….

I hope you enjoyed it!