When I lit my first light
On that wintry Friday night,
I wondered how it could be
That the world could be brighter
By that little candle
Lit by me?
I thought about how many candles in the world there might be,
Maybe two million and two;
Now with my candle,
Two million and three!
So now my friends, light will never end.
It will stay forever
No matter the weather.
From the moment I turned three,
The world was brighter because of ME.
Now you have the chance to do the same
When you do the mitzvah of igniting the flame.
When all the lights join together
It’s when Moshiach will surely come!
I can’t wait to see with my eyes
The light that was added from this candle of mine.

— Mussi Benjaminson, Age 9
Cheder Lubavitch Morristown
New Jersey, USA