Note to Readers: This post is from a couple weeks ago when I was unable to get it out in time. This all happened before the frost, not just now!


This week, we were able to harvest lots of things. Most notably, we dug up a carrot. (Carrots grow underground.) We planted a lot of carrots, but only two came up. And only one of them got big. Here it is:

carrotSee all the feathery leaves on the top, and the tiny roots poking out from the carrot? The tiny roots are how the plant takes in water and nutrients. The main part of the carrot is where the plant stores energy. So carrots are really just big roots!

We also harvested some Swiss chard. The leaves were nice and big, and it was a really nice color. Swiss chard and kale are cold-hardy, so you can harvest them almost all the way through the winter!

swiss chardUnfortunately, it was hard to get a good picture of the color. We made eggs with Swiss chard and onions! We didn’t grow the onions, though.

Harvest your gardens and I’ll post again next week!