Exciting news! In a few weeks, we will be the proud owners of a barn! Here is a picture:

[It has been a looooooong process to finally get our barn.  We first decided that we wanted one maybe a year ago. But we had to apply for a building permit in order to be able to build it, and then we learned our property was in the “Greenway,”  so we had to apply for a special permit, but you don’t want to hear about all that. What’s important is that we finally managed to get a barn.]

barn new



The reason we’re getting a barn is, as you may have guessed, because we want to get animals. We plan to have a cow for milk and a horse for riding. (Please comment soon if you want to hear more about animals next week. Otherwise, I’ll just write about gardening. I appreciate your opinions!)

Also, the weather is starting to warm up and plants are starting to grow! Here are a couple pictures of plants in the garden:

garlic big

The garlic we planted last fall!


Peas growing in a garden bed.




A strawberry plant growing in the same bed as the blueberries.


And weeds are growing, too! [Did you know that dandelion greens are edible? They make a nice salad and are very healthy! Just remember to wash them first.]

Happy Spring and I’ll post again next week!