Motti and Michla hit the stage again! I’m guessing it’s cupcake season due to the many photos of cupcakes recently posted :)

So this weekend was Kinus camp for me, which is a 3 day program for kid’s on shluchus, which are children that go live faraway and help people to become more religious. It was really fun! I got to meet a few of our readers, and some bloggers!

When we went sightseeing in New York City on a double-decker bus, a reader asked me if I was going to post these on Yaldah. Unfortunately not, I said, because the pictures didn’t turn out so good, as I took them on my small point and shoot camera. It takes pretty good pictures, but not very good quality.

Instead, earlier this week, my sister Michla had her 6th birthday! So exciting! Motti decided to join the fun, and he popped up in the photo shoot too. He loves being the star of the show so when the spotlight was on Michla, he wouldn’t let it pass, and he insisted on being in the picture.

For these photos, I used a few props:

  • A white tablecloth (not the best background, but it will work)
  • A pink balloon
  • 2 children :)
  • A clipboard
  • Outdoors

Since it’s so cold outside, I couldn’t really take those stunning sunset pictures that you see in magazines, but I tried and the effect wasn’t so bad!


FOTW: Many would be surprised to hear that the most common birth date of the year is 5th of October which falls 9 months after the New Year’s Eve.