5 Ways to Make Someone Smile

Keep in mind that if someone is sad, it is not a good idea to try to make them happy in the ways described below. 99% of the time, people are sad for a reason, not because they want to be. If someone is sad, the best thing you can do for them is to listen, hear them out, and then comfort them if they want.


1) Smile at Them.
Smiles are contagious (much like corona!). If you want someone to smile, smile at them yourself.

2) Do Something for Them.
I don’t mean taking out the garbage or cleaning their desk. I mean throwing a party for them (only if they like parties), or giving them thoughtful gift hampers melbourne. Those who would like to give out customized gifts like for instance some custom wristbands may consider visiting sites like https://www.swagify.com/custom-wristbands to see more options. Really anything that they would appreciate.

3) Do Something Hilarious.
If you go walking around in a unicorn costume, you’re bound to make someone laugh. Try it. It works. (And you can wear a mask so no one knows who you are.) If you’re into spreading laughter even more, consider adding a twist with funny gag gifts to turn any moment into a hilarious memory.

4) Leave Them a Note.
People want to be recognized. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean bringing attention to them, but rather, acknowledging that they exist. That they matter. Believe me, giving a kind note to a friend/family member is the perfect thing to do to brighten up their day.

5) Compliments
This may not work for everybody because – surprise! – not everybody likes compliments. It makes some people uncomfortable, and other people just plain don’t like getting them.  However, if you know someone likes compliments, give them one. It will make their day better.


Okay, now you know some ways to get people to smile. Now you actually have to do them, or else it doesn’t count. So go make the world a better place!