Hi everyone, this is Maital.
My mother started an amazing 40 day gratitude endeavour. It starts TODAY Sunday, 27 December 2020, and ends, well, in 40 days. Please contact refinelines.editing@gmail.com if you would like to join. Hatzlachah!
Here is the email sample of the details:

Dear all,
Baruch Hashem, I am excited to start this special endeavor together.

From tomorrow (or tonight on Hebrew calendar), we can try to set aside 1 minute each day for 40 days to thank Hashem for any and all the brachot in our lives.

During this precious minute, you can choose to either speak your appreciation out aloud to Hashem, think about them in your mind, write them down in a record book or make little notes and fill a jar with them.

Some tips:
-Direct your gratitude to Hashem and not just a general thank you. Attribute the good to Him and even if it is via another person recognise that their goodness was sent you from Hashem.
-Try to be as sincere as possible, the things you mention should try to contain at least a spark of genuine appreciation, come from the heart and not be rote or mindless
-It doesn’t matter how many things you thank Hashem for each minute
-It doesn’t matter if you repeat yourself from day to day, as long as you feel genuine each time

In terms of remembering to do the exercise each day, some tips might include:
-setting a daily reminder on your phone or alarm
-putting a note up on your wall, fridge or in your siddur
-asking somone with a good memory to remind you
-attaching the minute exercise to another routine thing you do each day (eg saying Shema al hamitah).

I hope to B’ezrat Hashem email you every now and then to ‘touch base’ as we travel together towards day 40.

If anyone has any other tips, I would love to hear them.

Please feel free to share this endeavour with any other frum female you believe would benefit, and just send me their email address with me so I can also send them the reminder emails.

Thank you for joining me in this endeavour, and thank Hashem for email, for this idea, and for you!

Shavua Tov!!

Chaiya D