Shalom Dear Readers!

Rosh Chodesh is rapidly approaching.  In fact, this coming Shabbos, we will say the Birchas HaChodesh in shul.  That means that Rosh Chodesh will fall on the Shabbos after that (January 21/Teves 23)!  I think that it is very auspicious when Rosh Chodesh coincides with Shabbos Kodesh..

I know it’s early, but in honor of Rosh Chodesh, I am happy to present this inspiring thought, which I have shared before online at a JGU R Chodesh Celebration.  Enjoy!


“How do our lives relate to the moon?
Just like the lunar orb, life goes through numerous phases; times of good and bad, times of light and darkness.
At Rosh Chodesh, we witness the New Moon. Well, we acknowledge it– the moon is in fact invisible during this phase, due to how it is perfectly aligned with the sun, therefore casting it into total darkness.

This astounding natural event can teach us an empowering life lesson:
In life, we experience times of darkness. The beauty in a situation might not be evident, like the hidden moon. But, the LIGHT IS STILL THERE!!
We just have to find it.

So when we collide with times of trouble, when all seems dark, we must acknowledge the situation with grace and gratitude, because everything comes from Hashem, and is therefore all truly for the good.
Hashem wants us to face the situation, by searching for the obscured light.
In our last BBM class, here on JGU, we learned that Mashber means “crisis” in modern Hebrew. But in ancient times, it was a women’s birthing stool. These two definitions can be brought together to teach an important outlook on life: Every crisis can be an opportunity for rebirth– for a new chance to shine!!
When we find the light, it is a revelation for us. It revives us.

The moon’s monthly reemergence, is considered to be like a rebirth.
Once more, we can find parallels between us and the moon.
Every month, we are reborn, our souls refreshed. Please allow me to explain.

There is a pasuk that gives a hopeful prophecy for the Jewish People, that we “are destined to be renewed like her”, like the moon, in the times of Moshiach. We’ll be brought from the darkness, to shine once more.
Why is the Arrival of Moshiach compared to the rebirth of the moon, when it is seemingly insignificant, a faint crescent, as opposed to the richly luminous full moon?
To answer the question, let us first imagine the beginning of our day.
We first wake up and proceed to say modeh ani.
Modeh ani is the mode of expressing our true devotion to Hashem, when we begin a fresh new day.
But the purest point we reach, is the very moment we wake up– we are totally one with our essence, one with Hashem.

THIS is why the Dawn of Moshiach, is compared to the humble opening display of the moon.
When we are reborn, we are one with our essence.
At the Dawn of Moshiach, we will recognize the truth and glory of our souls.
But until that time comes, Rosh Chodesh is the day on which our souls are rejuvenated, joined by a spark of that soul of Moshiach.
Hopefully, we’ll perceive this monthly rebirth, and utilize it, to bring our souls to meet their essence, to soar to the greatest heights.”


The Messenger Bird