Hi all!
We are about to make history! For the first time EVER we’re going to unite all Jewish woman and girls around the world in honor of Hakhel – The year of Unity!
This Video explains it all and instructions will follow:
Here’s how it works: 

Once the first people nominated make challah, they will nominate three people, and the challenge is on! We have one month until October 19 – 6th of Cheshvan to see how many women and girls we can get to do this special mitzvah! THINK BIG! Let’s get this to all Jewish women and girls around the world!

Once you are nominated by a friend: 

  1. You have 24 hours to get that dough rising and whip out your camera and phone and video yourself making the brachah of hafrashas challah. If you don’t, you’re obligated to donate $18 to KSCVK. 

  2. Nominate three people to take on the challah bake challenge

  3. Send out your video to your nominees and on groups. Let it go viral via whatsapp. ADD #ChallahBakeChallenge…..

HAKHEL. Unification celebrating Jewish women. Jewish Girls Unite!

Don’t let the opportunity pass, Join thousand across the globe. Take on the grand #ChallahBakeChallenge.

*If you don’t have a smartphone, you can send your video via email to challahbakechallenge@gmail.com to receive a special incentive aside for the greatest reward of doing the mitzvah!

***The Mitzvah of the Bracha will be in the Zechus of a Refuah Shelaima for Tinok Halevi Ben Esther –  תינוק הלוי בן אסתר

If you have any questions text the organizers at (718) 909- 5245