Dear Friends:

At our last two virtual JGU events, we highlighted Ruth, one of our great heroines, who was a true personification of nobility, humility, and loving kindness.

We interviewed “Ruth” online and learned how she listened to her inner voice with incredible inner strength and gave up a life of luxury as the daughter of the King of Moav.

Ruth’s mother-in-law, Naomi decided to move back to Israel because her husband and two sons had passed away. Her daughter-in-laws, Ruth and Orpah started to follow her, but Naomi discouraged them three times. Finally, Orpah turned back, but Ruth was determined to stay because she yearned to live a holy life.

When Naomi saw how determined Ruth was, she agreed to let her accompany her to Israel. Ruth accepted upon herself 606 additional Mitzvot, because she was already keeping the 7 Mitzvot of Bnei Noach. Guess the numerical value of the Hebrew letters in her name? “ר” the letter “Reish” valued at 200, “ו” the letter “Vav,” valued at six, and “ת” the letter “Tav,” valued at 400? Yes, her name equals 606!

Each one of our wonderful JGU sisters and presenters inspired us to follow in Ruth’s ways, find our passion and connection to Hashem and shine our inner light.

There are so many beautiful reasons why Megillat Ruth is read on Shavuot (which you can research online). I want to add my own personal reflection from our JGU virtual celebration.

The last lines in the beautiful Ruth’s song, sung online by the talented JGR Alum 2008, Esther Kruman was **”I want to live a Jewish life. Please don’t push me away.”**

These words teach us that Ruth begged Naomi not to push her away. She responded with her famous words, “Your people are my people, your G-d is my G-d.” She pleaded with her to allow her to fulfill her G-dly mission. She did not get discouraged when Naomi pushed her away again and again. Instead, she took action. And, later she overcame additional obstacles to become the grandmother of King David.

Now, I get it… often we know what we should be doing. We hear the inner voice of our soul begging us to shine and fulfill our purpose in this world. Yet, so often, we push the voice away and give ourselves excuses. We become immersed in our material existence or we become distracted and overwhelmed. Sometimes, it is other people who try to push us away from finding our passion and making a difference. They tell us that it can’t be done. We can learn from Ruth to listen to the truth that is coming from within.

At Jewish Girls Unite, we are teaching our Jewish daughters to listen to their inner voice. We are helping them to develop their inner strength so they won’t become discouraged when they are being pushed away from realizing their dreams. Our girls are gaining the tools to persevere so they reach their personal Holy Land. We believe that every girl can become the (physical or spiritual) mother of a King David and create positive change in our world.

Today, I thank G-d that I am listening to my inner voice. I am fulfilling my dream to connect Jewish girls globally… from all backgrounds… through modern technology… to our Torah that was given 5775 years ago on Mount Sinai!!

Every Jew was present at Mount Sinai and G-d united us as ONE family! We were all given the important mission to perpetuate Judaism. Please join me and invite every Jewish girl you know to sign up at and join our family. **”I want every Jewish girl to live a Jewish life. Please don’t push me away.”**

We also encourage Jewish women to sign up as a volunteer/supporter and share your wisdom on the forum with our Jewish girls.

Thank you to all the JGU women and girls who participated in our weekly classes and virtual celebrations. **JGU – is not the same without U!**

Thank you to our presenters: **Rivka Leah Cylich – Velkovitch, Esther Kruman and Susan Axelrod**. Thank you to **Rabbi Resnick** of for all the technical support.

The Jews stood at Mount Sinai **”AS ONE MAN WITH ONE HEART.**” This was probably the only time in Jewish history that we were completely unified!! I pray that the unity of our Jewish girls at Jewish Girls Unite will lead to lasting unity in our world!

Chag Someach!
Nechama Laber