Hello everyone! This craft post is part one of a two-part basketball themed craft series. In the next upcoming post, I will be showing you how to make a doll-sized basketball court. I’m very excited to share this with you! Let’s begin!

Doll-Sized Basketball Jersey

photo (54)


Supplies you will need:

1 piece of felt in a color of your choice

1 ruler

1 pair of scissors

embroidery floss in colors of your choice

1 sewing needle

1 pen

1 doll to use for measurements

You will also need to have basic sewing knowledge for this craft. If sewing is not your strongest suit, you may use fabric glue as a substitute.

photo (55)


Step 1: Place your doll near the corner on the piece of felt. Make sure that there is a little space between your doll and the edge of the felt. Use your pen to mark the spot that is adjacent to her shoulder, and use the ruler to make all measurements as exact as possible.

photo (56)


Step 2: Remove your doll from the piece of felt. Begin cutting according to your measurement until you reach the mark you made that was adjacent to your doll’s shoulder. This will form a flap that will be used in the following step.

photo (57)


Step 3: Fold the flap you cut upwards in half. Then, finish cutting out the piece of felt. The measurement you made with pen should be the exact place where the felt will crease in half.

photo (58)


The piece of felt should now look like a rectangular strip as shown below:

photo (59)


Step 4: Fold the strip in half. Sew a running stitch along the edge of the felt. Do not allow the running stitch to reach the top of the felt because the it will form a gap. The gap will later become an arm hole for the jersey. I recommend using pins to use as a guide while sewing. Repeat on the other side.

photo (60)


This is an close-up picture of one of the gaps/arm holes:

photo (61)


Step 5: Remove all pins.

photo (62)


Step 6: Use a pen to mark the mid-point of the top part of the jersey.

photo (63)


Step 7: Draw a semi-circle around the mid-point you marked.

photo (64)


Step 8: Cut out the semi-circle. This will later become the jersey’s neck opening.

photo (65)



Step 9: Turn the jersey right side-out.

photo (66)


Step 9: Cut the sleeves to the length you desire.

photo (67)


Step 10: Cut a v-neck shape from the neck opening (this is optional). Then, cut a slip along the back of the jersey. This will make it easier for your doll to put her jersey on!

photo (68)  photo (69)

Step 11: Try the jersey on your doll to make sure it fits. This jersey will not need velcro. Rather, the felt will adhere to itself as shown below.

photo (70)  photo (72)

Step 12: Begin embroidering the number. Another option would be to cut the number out of a piece of felt and glue it onto the jersey.

Embroider the outline of the number, and then fill it in with stitches.

photo (73)


Step 13: After the number has been filled in, you can outline it with stitches in a contrasting embroidery floss color of your choice. Or, you may use a contrasting pen to outline it.

photo (74)



Step 14: Now, you may begin adding decorative details. I added a felt heart with sequins. I also embroidered a hash-tag symbol beside the number 1. I also cut out a strip of felt for a matching headband to accentuate the sporty look.

Let your creativity shine!

photo (75)


We’ve finished! Now you may style the rest of your doll’s outfit with her favorite clothing pieces and accessories!

Congratulations on a job well done! Your doll is ready for a glamorous basketball practice!

photo (76)



Join me on the basketball court for part 2 of this craft series!

-Sarah the Craft Blogger :)