Hi, everyone!

I totally did not think that I would be posting again before Rosh Hashana, but I have to get this in: This is the hundredth post on YALDAH’s blog!! Ok, anyway, that’s not the only reason I’m posting.
Here’s my real reason: I can now testify that the fall issue really is at the printer because I put the bar code on the front of it! That is always the last, last step… well, then I saw a couple of last-second typos so we fixed those, and now it’s on its way! BARUCH HASHEM! (thank G-d) Now we can focus on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, which are coming up really fast!
I’m currently listening to Shalsheles Junior’s Modeh Ani to wake myself up to do all my homework now that I’ve finished working on YALDAH (just kidding, it was playing anyway). Shalsheles in general in awesome… who knows, maybe someday YALDAH will have an article about them?
So, anyhoo, make sure to tell us what you think of the fall issue! Feel free to email our editors: Emily @ emily@yaldahmagazine.com and Penina @ penina@yaldahmagazine.com if you have any questions or suggestions for future issues. Also, look out for, hopefully, a survey in the near future about different features in YALDAH so we can continue to bring you the best material out there for Jewish girls, by Jewish girls!
Ksiva V’Chasima Tova!
(good writing and sealing for the coming year)