Fall 2004
YALDAH magazine was founded by Leah Caras (Larson) right after her Bat Mitzvah. The first 150 copies sold out quickly as word spread. YALDAH was featured in Jewish newspapers, the Boston Globe, on local TV, and on the Radio.

Spring 2005
YALDAH formed its first Editorial Board of 13 Jewish girls from 4 states and even one girl from England.

Fall 2005
By its first anniversary, YALDAH was printing four times as many copies as it started with. Each issue continued to sell out as more girls heard about YALDAH. An article about YALDAH in American Girl magazine brought in many new readers.

Winter 2005
YALDAH won an honorable mention in Microsoft’s ‘Start Something Amazing’ Awards.

Spring 2006
After receiving close to a hundred applications, YALDAH announced its second Editorial Board of 26 girls from 16 different states and even Israel and Switzerland.

Summer 2006
YALDAH launched its agent program where girls could win prizes for giving out YALDAH flyers.

Winter 2006
Over 50 girls got together in Silver Bay, NY for YALDAH’s first annual Jewish Girls Winter Weekend Retreat, co-sponsored by Bat Mitzvah Camp of the Capital District.

Spring 2007
YALDAH’s third Editorial Board was chosen, headed by the new Editorial Board Coordinator, Talya Wasserman.

Summer 2007
YALDAH held its first three week Jewish Girls Summer Retreat in Troy, NY, adding a special YALDAH division to the Bat Mitzvah Camp Program.

Fall 2007
Leah Larson began attending Bais Chomesh High School in Toronto after homeschooling for two years, and delegated more jobs to young girls.

Winter 2007
YALDAH ran its first photo contest. The second annual Winter Weekend Retreat was held in Saratoga, NY.

Spring 2008
YALDAH launched its first Torah art contest, judged by artist Sheva Chaya Shaiman. YALDAH’s fourth annual Editorial Board was chosen, under the leadership of the new Editorial Board Coordinator, Nechama Saltzman.

Summer 2008
The second summer retreat in Troy, NY was a huge success. YALDAH was a finalist in Wells Fargo’s Someday Stories contest, winning $10,000. YALDAH launched Project Pass it On – uniting Jewish girls with Mitzvos. The writing of the three YALDAH books began.

Fall 2008
The voting for the winner of the Someday Stories contest began, and Jews worldwide united and spread the word to vote for YALDAH. YALDAH won with 28,880 votes – over 4000 votes ahead. YALDAH launched the Real Reader advertising campaign, run by the new Marketing Managers, Rena and Tova Winick. YALDAH’s staff expanded and staff training began in preparation for Leah’s next year in Israel.

Winter 2008
Leah accepted the $100,000 prize from Wells Fargo at the Wells Fargo History Museum in San Francisco. The ‘How YALDAH impacted my life’ contest was announced. Emily Gordis, training for Executive Editor, flew to Sharon, MA YALDAH ‘headquarters’ for editorial training. YALDAH’s third annual Winter Weekend Retreat was held in Albany, NY. YALDAH became YALDAH Media, Inc.

Summer 2009
YALDAH launched a new YALDAH Media, Inc. website. YALDAH held its first Staff & Editorial Board Shabbaton in Sharon, MA. YALDAH’s 10Friends Promotion was launched.

Fall 2009
Leah Larson left for Israel and the new staff fully took over their jobs. The winners of the “How YALDAH Impacted my Life” contest were announced. YM Books published its first book “The YALDAH Year”. The Fall 2009 issue of the magazine came out with 16 extra pages. YALDAH was a winner of Office Depot’s “Survival of the Smartest” contest. Winter 2010 Project 2010 was launched to get 2010 new subscribers. Spring 2010 YALDAH became available in Barnes & Noble bookstores nationwide. A new flash website was launched, combining all the branches of YALDAH Media Inc.

Summer 2010
One Is Not A Lonely Number, our first fiction book, was published.

Fall 2010
Jewish Girls Unite clubs and curriculum launched.

Winter 2010
Leah Larson appeared on Lifetime TV.
Leah Larson honored as a “Point of Light” for Yeshiva University.
One is Not a Lonely Number won a silver medal in the Sydney Taylor Book Awards.

Summer 2011
Leah Larson celebrated her marriage to Rabbi Michael Caras in Sharon, MA, celebrated with many YALDAH readers and staff members.
The movie of One is Not a Lonely Number  was produced at the Jewish Girls Retreat.

Fall 2011
YALDAH community and school fundraiser launched. Girls can use YALDAH as a Bat Mitzvah project to raise money for their favorite charity.

Spring 2012
YALDAH launches a new website with online articles for girls and begins publishing the magazine monthly. A team of bloggers joins the website. (Leah (Larson) Caras gives birth to her daughter, Chaya).

Winter 2012
Bat Mitzvah Star program is launched to profile Bat Mitzvah girls.

Spring 2013
YALDAH printing ceases and digital magazine is introduced.

Summer 2013
YALDAH’s digital magazine closes and makes way for a new and improved website.

Spring 2015
YALDAH’s joins forces with JGU to create the Jewish Girls Unite online community.