jewish summer camp


JGR Day 18

What an inspirational day! Following our usual morning activities,  younger campers had swimming and sports while the teens worked on our camp newsletter. During swimming our choir left to get ready for the concert and record […]

JGR day 17

What a great day at JGR.  We had an 18 foot water slide for the whole day!  Today was also our 1st filming day so the drama girls were out filming for most of the […]

JGR day 16

What a fun day. After our usual morning activities we had swimming and performing arts.  Then was a special activity since it was circle day and lunch. There was grow, arts clubs, and Mincha/ TIT. In […]

Shabbos # 2

What an amazing shabbos. Girls got to have a preshabbos snack and light shabbos candles. Then the camp heard songs and a wonderful story from one of our shabbos guests Saralaya Perl. We then davened […]

JGR day 12

Today was a cool day here at camp. We had our usual morning activities followed by sports and swimming.  Next we had performing arts and all the girls wrote a story or poem inspired by Shabbos candles.  After […]

JGR day 11

Today was a day full of spirit and passion. After the usual morning activities, the campers went to the sports center where they participated in relay races to win points for their color war teams. […]

JGR Day 10

Today was such a fun day. After our usual morning activities including grow, performing arts, and lunch, the whole camp boarded buses for our trip to the mall. We had an amazing time with a mall […]

JGR day 8

What a fun day!  Following our usual morning activities we had swimming and sports. While JGU’s first online club for the younger girls in Yaldah was going on, the teens and BMC finished up at […]

JGR Day 6

What a twintastic day!  Following our usual morning activities we had a fun twin competition! Each of the girls got to see which pair of twins looked the most alike. All the girls were winners […]

JGR Day 5

Today we had an amazing time in Troy, NY. Our day started with our usual daily activities. After lunch we boarded buses and went bowling at Uncle Sam’s. Uncle Sam’s staff were so helpful and we […]

JGR day 4

Day 4 and JGR just keeps getting better and better! First was breakfast and davening. Then campers went to there fabulous arts clubs.  Everyone got to choose between amazing projects like weaving, jewelry making and cake […]

JGR Day 2

What a great day! After a delicious breakfast of Pancakes the camp walked down to the sports center to pray and start our day. The campers then got to go swimming and play sports. Then […]