We Are the World Curriculum

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The "We Are the World" curriculum uses nature and the multiple intelligences to teach powerful life lessons from the Torah and Jewish holidays. Perfect for monthly groups, this curriculum includes 10 lessons including many activities, games and crafts.

  • Elul: Be all you Can Bee! Learn from Honey bees how to have a Sweet New Year!
  • Tishrei: Circles of Unity, Unity and Individuality
  • Cheshvan- Be a Star, Light up the Night. Discover your power to shine in the darkness and rise above peer pressure!
  • Kislev- Rise to the Top, Chanukah lessons on oil and the soul
  • Teves- Breaking the Ice, Imbuing Passion & Warmth in All We Do
  • Shvat- Ready, Set, Grow, The 7 Species of Israel in our soul. Is Man a Tree of the Field?
  • Adar 1 – Something’s Fishy, The Hidden Hand of Hashem
  • Adar 2 - Moonlight on Esther, The Meaning of the Moon
  • Nissan – Flying with Freedom, Learn from a bird how to achieve true freedom!
  • Iyar/Sivan – Climb that Mountain/Reaching Higher! The Journey of a Jew and Mountain Climbing
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