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One More Light Package


One More Light Package 00029

Package includes the following digital downloads:

1. ‘One More Light’ Shabbos Candle Lesson Plan [Including a background lesson on Shabbos Candles, Pre Shabbos Candle Lighting Program, Mother Daughter Program, and Candle Lighting Certificate]
2. ‘One More Light’ Theme Song and Music Track
3. Shabbos Candles Coloring Sheet by Artist, Rae Shagalow of Holy Sparks
4. “Follow The Flame” Movie Produced by Spark Next & JGR
5. 1-month Free Coupons Pdf to weekly Beyond Bat Mitzvah Online Classes
6. Shabbos Candle Bookmark with Song & Blessings pdf
7. Logos, rights to the use of the JGU & One More Light
8. Monthly Virtual Coaching Meeting with JGU Global Director, Nechama Laber
(Invite to Light Postcards included!)

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