Meditations to Ease, Calm, and Inspire: A Collection to Activate Your Mind and Soul

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This book by Susan Lowenthal Axelrod is a collection of guided meditations that can ease your mind and soothe your soul. What's that? You 'can't meditate'? Neither could I! For such a long time, I told myself this myth; repeatedly "I can't meditate." But I was wrong! I could meditate, just not in the way that I thought you were 'supposed to' do it. I started with my breath. With intention and deep desire, I moved to mind-clearing [that was heroic], and from there I found something I call 'meditative space.' Was it exactly what meditation is 'supposed' to be? I have no idea! But, I can tell you that it has worked for me. Once I decided to accept that the way I was doing it was a good way for me, my soul became unleashed and I have found calm like I never imagined. I followed my own golden rule-Susan's Golden Rule: Get OK with Being OK! Get OK with yourself and things will be OK in your life. These guided meditations offer a start to your calmer and easier self, get OK with it!

This little book makes the best gift ever for your friend who is also seeking an easier way of being. Do your friend a favor and give the gift of calm and ease. With love, Susan

All proceeds support Jewish Girls Unite

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