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Unlock the Gate of Trust with this innovative 111 day GROW Trust Planner. Each daily page includes inspiration from The Gate of Trust, The Fellig Edition, with reflections guided by the innovative G.R.O.W. method (Check out and a quote to color.

In the words of Rabbi Bachya: “Placing trust in G-d brings tranquility in all areas of a person’s life and affords one an anxiety-free lifestyle. In this space, you can internalize and apply the ideas in Shaar Habitachon.

This JGU Press publication is sponsored by David & Eda Schottenstein.

We also invite you to join our live GROW Circles for women and girls or start your own group. You may also wish to order your own copy of GROW Through Prayer to accompany your Tefillah and deepen your connection to Hashem through prayer.

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