Finding Song in Sorrow

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In Finding Song in Sorrow, Nechama Dina Wasserman Laber shares her transformative life journey, beginning with her father's untimely passing when she was only ten years old. In the 30 years that follow, she documents both her painful grief, as well as her ambitious dreams to further her father's legacy of teaching and outreach. Throughout life's challenges, she holds on to her father's inspirational teachings and looks for G-d's master plan. Through a series of heaven-sent messengers, Nechama learns to deeply feel her buried emotions, and eventually transform her sadness into the joy of legacy. Nechama has been creating curricula and teaching for over 25 years in her role as a community leader, educator and camp director. Her greatest pride is her role as mother of her eleven children K"H and grandmother. Today, as the founder and global director of Jewish Girls Unite, she educates future generations of Jewish leaders and empowers women and girls to shine their inner light. She uses the wisdom of Torah and her personal journey to guide others as a spiritual mentor and coach.

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