Esther True Jewish Queen

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Two downloadable files packed with ideas for teaching about
Esther's Life & Legacy and Purim Unmasked.

Part One: Esther’s Life - The Purim story through the eyes of Esther.

Part Two: Esther’s Legacy – An analysis of Esther’s True Beauty

Part Three: “It’s Not Black & White”/ Hidden Good/ Purim Unmasked

Discover the hidden hand of Hashem guiding all that happens to Queen Esther and to us. Students will learn to seek Hashem even when He is masked.

Two files include an 11 page Student handout and 43 page Teacher's Guide with opening activities, discussion questions, decor ideas, arts and craft ideas and games.

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Files may not be shared without permission. JGU gives permission to share the handout with the students.

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