Dear Younger Self: An Anthology to Inspire Self-Reflection

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Does your life feel over-intruded by all-things-social, as well as societal expectations to be-all and do-all? Does it feel impossible to find time to self-reflect, and to take time for you? Are you thinking, "Self-reflection, who has time?" If you feel a resounding 'Yes!' coming up in you, then this book is designed for you. The book in your hands can be your lifeline to sanity, offering an opportunity to self-reflect in small bits. Yes, even small bits can help you begin to find yourself again. An anthology of brief, thought-provoking articles, each one is followed by a page awaiting your own contemplation. Part book, part journal, Dear Younger Self will support your soul and help her rise and show herself in your second half of life; it's your turn, now. After reading and reflecting on yourself, be sure to give this book as a gift to your sister-friends so you can share your thoughts and reflections with others. Every woman of every age could benefit from a few reflective moments. But especially for women in mid-life, asking 'so now what?' Finding self again, getting soul-connected and realizing the power of passion that may be buried deep inside you. It's your turn again...Discover yourself! Aspire to live a balanced, rich joyful life!A tithe from the proceeds of this book will be donated to help another woman feel joy, dignity, independence, support, and love in her life.By Susan Lowenthal Axelrod

All proceeds support Jewish Girls Unite

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