The Rabbi Wasserman Legacy Fund


Carrying on the Legacy of Jewish Education with Love & Joy


“I am so proud to be the daughter of Rabbi Azriel Wasserman. In his short lifetime, he impacted thousands of students who live across the globe today. For many years, I lived with the pain of his loss as a young child . Today, I have transformed the pain into my passion for sharing my father’s deep love for Hashem, love of Torah and joyful Judaism. When I teach our girls from around the world, my heart is filled with joy knowing that he is smiling from above. I feel his constant guidance and strength in our mission to grow our Jewish daughters into proud Jewish mothers and leaders.”

Nechama Dina (Wasserman) Laber, Founder & Director

I invite you to join me in carrying on Rabbi Wasserman’s Legacy to impart Jewish education with love and joy through the Rabbi Wasserman Legacy Fund.

Our goal is to raise funds so that any Jewish girl anywhere can find her own love of Judaism and participate in the JGU community online.

As Rabbi Wasserman would have wanted, together we will grow a community of his Legacy Donors whose gifts will be fused together to support our Jewish daughters. When you give to honor my father’s legacy, we receive your gift with the love and joy with which he lived his life.

All gifts of all levels matter! Every gift counts.

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