Throwback to this past Sukkot!  I present you a meditation for performing the Mitzvah of taking ‘n’ shaking the Lulav, which is accompanied by various traditions of rich symbolism


I am the ארבעה מינים.

I dedicate my entire being to serve Hashem.  The wholeness of my service depends upon my self-integration and my unity with others, even – perhaps especially – when their religious expression differs from mine.

The אתרוג is my heart, where I consciously cultivate a healthy, living and personal relationship with Hashem and with His children.

The ערבות are my lips, which I use with discernment to impart words of kindness and wisdom – and to know when to be silent.

The הדסים are my eyes, which I use to seek out the good in others, to perceive G-dliness where it’s obscure, and to absorb images that nourish my soul.

The לולב is my spine, with which I hold myself erect against mockery and aim high to please Hashem alone.

I join all these components and shake them in six directions with a sole focus to fulfil the will of my Creator.  In effect, my body becomes a vehicle for my six emotional faculties, all integrated in a seventh and final mode of expression, which aligns them with the purpose of exposing G-d in our mundane reality.

Every individual has their role in this, with their G-d-tailored abilities and experiences.  When we acknowledge each has a contribution to the Divine design of life and embrace others for who they uniquely are, we’ve neared completing the world meant-to-be.  Just as the omission of even one specie in the lulav-bundle invalidates it for the Mitzvah, we cannot effectively fulfill G-d’s purpose if one of us is absent.  The total exceeds the sum of its parts.  

I matter, as do my own fruits, what I bring to the cosmic table… And it might just start in my own corner of the world.  So, I will go and SHAKE THINGS UP with more kindness, giving, unity, meaning and higher values.  And rally others to join me.

I am the ארבעה מינים.


***Questions-for -reflection coming soon (bli nedar, G-d willing)!***