Invest in the Future!

Baruch Hashem, thanks to the generosity of more than 135 friends towards the down payment, we purchased a beautiful property on 2 acres in East Greenbush, NY on Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018 to serve as a base for the Jewish Girls Retreat, Jewish Girls Unite and Chabad of Southern Rensselaer County.  

We are now ready for phase 2 of our Building Campaign to “KINDLE THE FIRE”. 

Our goal is to kindle the inner flame in many more Jewish hearts. The following dedication opportunities will fund building modifications and furnishings so we can fully utilize the property to kindle the passion and pride in generations of leaders and mothers.

When you partner with us… You ignite the fire of Judaism... one soul at a time. Together, we will pass the flame from generation to generation!

All gifts will be recognized on our JGU website. With your gift of $1000+, your name will be added to a lovely plaque in the Chabad House and commemorated forever on the JGU website dedications page.

All contributions of any amount are appreciated to help us Kindle the Fire.

Gifts may be made in one payment or in installments over a period of up to three years. Optionally, an endowment program through our Planned Giving Division can be discussed that may offer unique and beneficial methods of giving for possible enhanced tax treatment and/or extended payment plans. Please call for a consultation with our financial advisor.

Chabad of SRC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and all donations are tax-deductible.


Donor Wall

1Shmuly Ainsworth: $500
2Azriel Wasserman: $1,000
In honor of Nechama Laber. You are doing amazing work. We love you and support you. Love Azriel, Chana and Family.
3Rosh Lowe: $180
In Memory of: Chaim Yitzchack
4Esther Mandella: $36
5Anonymous: $7,500
6Tzippy Weiss: $36
7Miriam Yerushalmi: $1,000
To my dear dear soul sister Nechama Laber This donation is dedicated to you and your whole family for all that u do for our daughters and mothers of Israel. You are a light! You are a fire! May Hashem continue to bless you and family for your courage and self sacrifice to change the world for the better.
8Dobra Spinner: $180
In memory of Kasriel ben Yoel Dovid - who loved the Wasserman family and would shlep us to visit them in Montreal.
9Sorah Leah Eber: $36
10Mirele Rosenberger: $36
In Memory of: Rabbi Azriel Wasserman a"h. He brought Yiddishkeit to my family.
11Anonymous: $36
In honor of Reva Reitman Schlonsky ברכה להצלחה רבה למעלה מן המשוער
12Eli Nash: $1000
In honor of Ezzy, his friendship, his new baby
13Aidel Goldstein: $18
14Brian Lipp: $36
15Ephraim Allouche: $180
16Anonymous: $18
17Hinda Schneider: $10
18Esther Skoblo: $36
19Tzilka Sigel: $18
20Leah Namdar: $36
In honor of Nechama Laber. Keep shining your light!
21Anonymous: $40.15
22Clara Simon: $100
23Anonymous: $36
24Karen Edwards: $54
25Anonymous: $18
In honor of Chaya Shepherd, where our friendship all began.
26Anonymous: $54
27Eugene Platt: $54
28Anonymous: $18
29Cecilia W Blau: $36
30Devorah Serraf
In honor of my dear father, Michael Ben Avraham. For his upcoming 17th Yartzeit.
31Iti Ainsworth: $200
In honor of my new grand daughter Rachel Shoshana!
32Aura Chaya Gispan: $18
In honor of Nechama Laber. You are a force to be reckoned with and a powerful inspiration!!!
33C & L Jacobson: $18
In honor of Rivka Menucha bas Leah shetichye. Immediate refua shelayma right now.
34Mendy And Chaya Shepherd: $180
35Menachem & Nechama Tauber: $1000
Hatzlacha Rabbah!
36Rabbi Naftali Perlstein: $36
37Rosenblum Law Firm: $1,800
In Honor of Rabbi & Mrs. Laber. Wishing you continued hatzlacha and bracha in all you do. Chazak v'nischazek!
38Tova Schuerholz: $18
39Julie Hintz: $54
40Anonymous: $18
41Chanchee Tenenbaum: $180
42Anonymous: $36
In honor of Sarah Zucker. Dedicated in the everlasting memory of a quiet but unconquerable Sarah Imeinu of our times. She yearned for children of her own, but as years passed, she instead became a mother to all. Her home was always open with a warm welcome to every guest. Her faith, positivity, smile and spunk refused to be dimmed by the trials of life. I know that she would delight in this vision of a new home for JGU, JGR and Chabad - a nurturing place for Jewish girls to blossom into their truest selves, and for the Jewish future to be fortified - and she is lavishing blessings on the project from Above.
43Anonymous: $180
In honor of Chana Rahmani
44Mendel And Raizy Rubin: $180
In honor of Rabbi Avraham and Nechama Laber. Much continued Hatzlacha!
45Michelle Conrad: $36
I wish I could do more. I love JGR!
46Springfield Group: $1,800
47Greta Gammal: $18
48Zalman & Chanie Simon: $72
49David And Dora Gurevich: $100
50Sue Ann Grosberg: $18
51Devorah Barnett: $72
In honor of Mindel Tsipora bas Avrohom Nochum
52Esther Mandella: $500
In honor of Eliana Simcha
53 Shmuel And Leah Chava Hertzberg: $1000
54 Ed And Laura Jacobs: $613
In honor of Nechama and Rabbi Laber. May Hashem bless you both with good health, happiness and success in all your endeavors...
55Paulette Ryder: $18
56Sara Crispe: $18
57Yaakov Rosenthal: $72
58Menachem Mathless: $210
In memory of Nachman Aryeh ben Aron
59Tzivia Kay: $360
60Miriam Overlander: $18
61Batya Rosenblum: $50
62Chana Davidow: $10
In memory of פייגא מרים בת יעקב
63Nd Samuels: $36
64Anonymous: $220
65Hillel Gammal: $180
66Mindy Epstien: $180
67Rivkah Laber: $18
68Yehudah Laber: $20
69Mendel Laber: $36
70Anonymous: $36
71Shneur & Chaviva Tarlow: $36
72Anonymous: $120
73Barb Acenowr: $100
74Anonymous: $1000
In honor of Nechama Krimmer
75Philip & Linda Chandler: $180
76Joanne & Harvey Caras: $360
77Mushky Lazaroff: $36
78Chana Laber: $100
79Joseph Rocklin: $72
In Memory of all In mind of Yosef Aaron Ben Elchonon Volf at Yizkor. My daughter is excited to reattend JGR. May your new site offer many more opportunities for her to do so.
80The Gerchikov Family: $90
81Moishy Kudan: $180
Wow!!! This is so exciting!!! Hatzlacha Rabba!!!!
82Reva Schlonsky: $100
83Marion Greenberg: $100
84Yaffah & Shoshana Ferber: $100
In honor of Nechama Laber. May Hashem give you continued strength!
85Richard, Lisse & Anya Gerofsky: $180
With gratitude to Hashem for all His blessings and hashgacha protis in our lives.
86Ellen Brummel: $100
These people are pure and devoted to their cause, its my honor to donate. With my blessings to them to surpass their goal expectations!
87Dr. Moishe & Judy Levin: $100
88Anonymous: $100
89Shmuly & Laiky Rubin: $72
90Chanie Chanin: $18
91Yitzchok Katzenberg: $300
92Dina Tova Goldman: $180
93Anonymous: $36
94Chana Gurary: $36
Hatzlacha rabba
95 Julianna Gniwisch: $250
96Rochel Shepherd: $36
97Mindy Wallach: $36
98Shayna Saxon: $20
Thank you to JGR and specifically Nechama Laber for inspiring and empowering me in so many ways. I treasure this JGR family. Being part of such a shlichus is a true opportunity and blessing. What a gift to spread the light of Yiddishkeit and Chassidus in the caring and creative way that JGR and JGU does. May you continue to have much hatzlacha and nachas, from all those who have been directly or indirectly influenced by you, the Laber family-- true lamplighters! With gratitude and wishes for open and revealed blessings, Shayna Mushka Saxon
99Anonymous: $5
100Azriel Laber: $18
101Rochel Frishman (Brook): $100
102Anonymous: $36
Hatzlacha rabba!!
103Anonymous: $36
104Mushky Denburg: $36
In honor of Chaya Shepard for her unconditional dedication towards her family and shlichus. You are an inspiration!
105Avi & Tzippy Goldstein: $18
106Rivka Scheiner: $10
107Henny Lefkowitz: $18
108Uncle Lenny Wasserman: $5,500
109Claudia Rahel Allouche: $250
Love what you do! Changing lives! May Hashem gives you more to keep all what you are doingBH”
110Chana S Freundlich: $18
111Avi And Chaya Mushkah Weinstein: $250
112Rabbi Meir Konikov: $1000
113Anonymous: $26
לזכות פייגא דבורה חיה מושקא בת שושנה
114Mendy & Leah Wasserman: $500
115 Chana Rivkin: $18
116Vicky O'Brien: $180
In memory of Meir and Yonatan O'Brien. Their holy neshamas continue to shine. You have accomplished so much for Jewish girls. This will be a beautiful new home. Xoxo
117Anonymous JGR Staff Member: $425
118Marc and Judy Ehrlich: $1000
119Dr. Warren and Elena Silverman: $350
120Rabbi Yossi & Leah Rubin: $180
121Chavie Sobel: $36
122R Mayer and Neomi Gniwisch: $1,800
123Anonymous: $18
In Zechus of Shidduchim!
124Mrs. Choula Nash: $100
125Leah & Michael Caras: $180
126Raizel Nissim: $18
127Hana Pinson: $100
In honor of a Refua Shema for Tova Mushka bat Shterna Sara
128Devorah Kaufmann: $50
129Chavi Goldberg: $500
130Marina Vaysberg: $150
131Ariella Sapoznik: $1,000
A very special thank you and much hatzlacha to the Laber family for helping raise beautiful Jewish girls of yesterday and today into super star Jewish women of the future!
132Chaya-Bracha Rubin: $100